The True Value of Rest & Study

Rest & Study is an opportunity to gain new spiritual perspectives, insights and ideas that allow us to grow forward in our journey “from sense to Soul.” Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association is not just a place but a spiritual oasis that supports our desire to see “Thy hand in all things . . . And all things in Thy hand.” (hymn 134, Christian Science Hymnal)

Is it any wonder that our beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy established the BA as a place for prayer, study and communion? Today you will find a haven and an atmosphere of joyful communion with God, as have spiritual seekers for nearly the past century! A search through the letters of those who came to the BA highlights more than just thanks and gratitude for a “spiritual B&B”, but in letter after letter individuals went home healed of bodily ailments. Often they wouldn’t even notice the change until they arrived home and found that some physical limitation, for which they weren’t even doing specific prayerful treatment, was healed.

As one Rest & Study guest put it: “When you step in the door, all worldliness slips away.” She truly found that coming to Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association afforded her refreshment and renewal far beyond what the usual vacation would give her. Her quiet communion with God gave her rest and refreshment that she joyously took back to her work, her church and her family.

Speaking of Rest & Study: if you’re planning on attending Annual Meeting at The Mother Church next month, have you considered extending your visit by staying at the BA after Annual Meeting? Our tranquil setting is a short walk to Longyear Museum, and an easy subway or car drive into the city. We’d love to have you join us. Click here to watch an Annual Meeting 2010 video invitation from The Christian Science Board of Directors. Also, if you’re planning to be in the Boston area on Saturday, June 5 or Sunday, June 6, Longyear Museum is offering tours of the Mary Baker Eddy historic houses.

Newsong Group, a UK-based musical performing group whose member Andrew Brewis composed hymns 436 and 447 in the Christian Science Hymnal Supplement, will perform at the BA on Monday evening, June 7 at 7:30 in the Chapel

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  1. Mrs. M. Janet Hope (Miss Dakin when I trained at the BA) says:

    On Sunday 16th May I heard the Newsong Group at First Church Edinburgh (Scotland) and joined in the hymn-singing with them. What a joy to be able to picture them in the dear Chapel I attended during my three years’ nursing training. Miss Mabel Else was my Superintendent, and Mrs. Nay gave the address at my graduation. I remember the hymn she chose to finish with because of the words which stood out to me: “Cared for, watched over, beloved and protected, Walk thou with courage each step of the way.”

  2. Sally Prout says:

    Dear BA Friends,
    Thank you for reminding me of healing opportunities nurtured by the work of all those working, studying, and supporting Benevolent Association activities.
    Much love.

  3. Rick Stewart says:

    Dear Janiva,

    I appreciated your email update of BA activities and then made a point of reading through the newsletter.

    I carefully investigated “Giving Opportunities” and was struck that it was all about financial giving. There are so many other areas of giving that would benefit the BA even more. I know you have many volunteers. It would be wonderful to encourage that activity more, especially the giving of specific daily prayerful support of the BA’s mission.

    Also Rest and Study with purpose other than an individual seeking a “spiritual retreat,” might be of great help to the Movement. I have often found in the practice that as an individual lifts their view of Christian Science from getting to giving they are blessed with healing. Getting a healing almost always involves a shift from selfishness to selflessness.

    A dear friend experienced a powerful, restorative healing at the BA after a serious injury during an African lecture tour some years ago. And I remember hearing from others that were there at the same time as he about the inspiring and transforming effect his presence and healing thought had on the atmosphere of the BA at the time. He became a member of the BA community as his healing unfolded.

    An invitation to others to come to the BA and contribute to the healing atmosphere and healing work would be of great value to the Movement.

    Mrs. Eddy was inspired to provide the BA to the world. For many years the Mother Church supported that vision. There were many activities where the Mother Church’s support of the activity was a financial one, such as a direct financial support of the BA. This is not the direction of the Christian Science Board of Directors at the moment. But does that mean that the “support of the Mother Church” should lessen? Since “we” are the Mother Church, meaning the members, there could be a great strengthening of the Movement and the BA as ways were found to make Mother Church members to feel their part in the BA demonstration. Financial support is not the most valuable giving, direct, consistent prayer and mission involvement is far more valuable and its healing effect much greater.

    One of my most enjoyable lecture experiences was a “practice” lecture at the BA. Just recently I had a lovely report from someone healed at that lecture, and this fruitage came about 25 years after the event.

    With all the love of Love and supportive prayer,

    Rick Stewart C.S.

    Dresden, Germany

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