TMC Youth Interns are Blessing More than The Mother Church

Interns from The Mother Church recently spent one of their days off helping out at the BA. They were eager to learn about the BA, ready to lend a hand around the campus, and they brought lots of great questions with them.

The five TMC Youth interns, Laura, Confidence, Phil, Ann, and Katelyn, and their coordinator, Chris Sheasley, washed windows, pulled weeds, organized storage closets—all helping to make the BA even more beautiful.

They started their day with a welcome from our Executive Director, Janiva Toler, and Assistant Director of Christian Science Nursing, Heather Worley. Later our dining room was filled with joy as Katelyn played the piano to accompany a fun hymn sing with the volunteers, residents, and staff members.

One intern, Ann Sebring, had heard that the BA “was a well-known and lovely Christian Science nursing facility” and after her visit has decided she agrees with that statement. Phil Riley also gained a greater appreciation for the community, saying that “the BA is a really exciting place full of fun opportunities” and “is such an uplifting and harmonious place”. Laura Perry told us that it is “an extremely home-like environment. As soon as you step in the door you can feel the love that is surrounding you. That is something that I really loved about being there”.

We are so grateful for The Mother Church’s TMC Youth intern program and how it is blessing not only many Christian Scientists but also the Christian Science organizations they support.

Anyone interested in volunteering at the BA, please feel free to contact Nancy Lamb at

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  1. Diana T. says:

    I certainly have to agree with TMC interns. You do feel the love as soon as you enter the door. I first went to the BA before my senior year in high school for my summer vacation to serve as an associate, as we were called. I so loved the experience that I returned four more summers When I had the opportunity to attend Song Service in my free time, I always did so. What a joy!

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