Undeniable evidence that spring is here

And it’s come to stay! (At least for the season.)

It was a long winter. Maybe comparable to the winters of yesteryear when walking a mile uphill both ways to school was common.

To celebrate life today, here is a photo blog with images of the promise of outdoor picnics and neighborhood barbeques. In other words, flower photos.

And as you prepare your grill for those barbeques, stay tuned to this blog for recipes from our chef, Mark.


Flower blog-6
The buds on our Magnolia tree prepare to unfurl.

Flower blog-8
Yellow daffodils don’t let the overcast sky tame their vibrancy.

Flower blog-7
Our Magnolia tree waits for the sun before it open its flowers.

Flower blog-9
Daffodils line the side door entrance to the BA.

Hopefully these images inspire you, and if you feel so inspired, visit us at the BA!

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