[Video] Living in Boston: 4 Gems 4 Miles from the BA

Christian Science CenterThe BA’s Monty Haas takes us to the Christian Science Plaza and identifies some of the gems only 4 miles from the BA.


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2 Responses to [Video] Living in Boston: 4 Gems 4 Miles from the BA

  1. pwoodsum says:

    We thought everyone should see this thoughtful response to our video that came in through email — Communications Team.

    “It’s wonderful that the BA is rethinking its role for the future.
    Please don’t receive this as criticism. It’s not. It’s just a few comments on your sales pitch to live at the BA — just 4 miles away from 4 gems. By all means, delete this e-mail or throw it in the circular file.

    Anyone who is considering living at the BA already knows where The Mother Church is located and featuring the Library may not be a good sales pitch since there are still a lot of sticky feelings out there because of the money spent to build it. If you want to sell the BA, with its proximity to Boston, as a place to live an active and interesting life, then share what Boston has to offer. The Boston Symphony is fine, but there is so much more. My mom was in her 80s when she went to live at the BA. Humanly speaking, I suppose I would have to say she was not in the best shape, but it didn’t prevent her from being who she was and continuing to live an interesting life. Boston has great large and small museums, Quincy market, historic buildings, historic walks and concerts in its parks, fine theatre, ballet, lobster dinners, lecture series, etc., etc. — only problem for her was affording the transportation back to the BA if she missed the Van. Surely, that’s a problem that can be worked out.

    I guess the reason I send you this is because I am probably of the age group that you want to attract but, although Christian Science is my life, I wouldn’t consider moving to the BA based on your presentation. Age doesn’t inhibit one’s interests. Ending full time, paid, employment gives more time to enjoy what a viable city like Boston has to offer. I would never give up working at the NY Historical Society and NYCBallet or give up live performing arts, museums, lectures, diverse restaurants and shopping — all things that Boston, as well as NY offers, to stay in a suburb and only go to Boston to the CS Plaza and Symphony Hall. (Incidentally, the Friday afternoon concert series would be good for residents of the BA.)

    If you are only trying to sell life in a suburb like Chestnut Hill, then fine. But if you are trying to convince people of the joy of living only “4 miles from Boston”, then perhaps you should tell them what Boston has to offer and how it can be available to residents at the BA.

    Having said all of the above, I recognize that you may only want to target senior (horrible word) rather inactive (another horrible word) sedentary people who are, for the most part, happy to stay out at Chestnut Hill and enjoy its beauty. It’s a magnificent facility. That is a wonderful goal and certainly as good or better than the life turkeys like me want to live.

    Much love to all of you. I shall always be grateful for the goodness and love the BA showed to both my Mother and Dad.

  2. Diane Johnson says:

    Wonderful points! The BA truly is a special place and the fact that it is just minutes from Boston and its cultural gems, is frosting on the cake! This discussion reminds me of Mary Baker Eddy’s statement, “Christian Science is not a dweller apart in royal solitude….”

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