[video] Living with a higher,
spiritual purpose

What would it be like to live in a community where every day brings the same kind of inspiration the disciples found with Jesus at the morning meal?

Explore the spiritual qualities embraced by the BA’s Independent Living program in this video.

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spiritual purpose

  1. emoller says:

    A friend of the BA gave us permission to share his comments and research related to this video:
    Thanks so much for the inspiring video about the morning meal at the BA. Perhaps you know the history of the famous photo used in the video, but if not, here’s what I discovered after speaking with folks at the art museum in Glens Falls, NY a few years ago, and doing additional research:

    In 1950, George Philip Sauter was a well-known photographer in scenic Glens Falls, New York. Several of his “mural” photos are still on display at the local historical museum today.
    For almost two years, he tried in vain to photograph birds outside his window, for a snapshot to be used on a book cover. At first, only a few birds were drawn to the seeds, but eventually a flock of more than 100 evening grosbeaks landed in his yard. Yet none of the photos he took of them seemed satisfactory, and the flock migrated away.
    In early 1952, as the grosbeaks returned, he re-considered his purpose for the picture. He changed the focus from birds eating seeds to the Pastor of Christian Science — The Bible, and Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy. He placed these books near the window, with the Quarterly open to the Bible Lesson on “Love.” He carefully arranged the curtain and lighting, hoping to create “the soft, subtle light of a new day.” Again, hundreds of exposures were made, and on February 2, 1952, the well-known picture was snapped. George named it “The Morning Meal” and advertised it in the Monitor. Within a few years, it could be seen on the walls of a Christian Science Reading Rooms and practitioner’s offices from coast to coast.

    Dave Horn
    Raleigh, NC

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