[video] "…where I want to be when I'm in Boston"

Bonnie Butler lives in Ohio and frequently travels to Boston.  In this video she talks about the many perks of staying at the BA, from close proximity to The Mother Church, to the convenience of having her Christian Science association right here at the BA, to having Christian Science Nursing care available with the press of a button.

2 Responses to [video] "…where I want to be when I'm in Boston"

  1. Carolyn Shipman says:

    Amen, Bonnie!
    Who could possibly say it better?

  2. CQ says:

    For many years, I stayed overnight at a friend’s house both before and after Association Day in Boston.

    Two years ago, though, I decided to stay in a hotel near the Association venue. Ugh!

    Then last year it occurred to me to study at the B.A. for two nights before Association. Yes!

    Like Bonnie, I’ll be making the B.A. my Boston “home” from now on. I look forward to walking the grounds, greeting the wild turkeys, hugging a few nurse friends, and communing quietly with God. Pure peace.

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