Volunteers – making a huge difference

Garden box at the BA's front entrance planted by a volunteer

Christian Science nursing facilities and other non-profit organizations depend heavily on the generous support of volunteers.  April is National Volunteer Month, a perfect time to recognize the many hours of selfless work offered by volunteers. Nancy Lamb, the BA’s volunteer coordinator, talked with us about the many ways volunteers make a critical difference to the caring atmosphere of Christian Science nursing facilities across the country.


Nancy, knowing that April is National Volunteer Month, can you please share your thoughts on the importance of volunteering at Christian Science nursing facilities?

National Volunteer Month is a good reminder of how grateful we are for all volunteers and for the qualities of selflessness that move a person to volunteer at a Christian Science nursing facility or other nonprofit organization. I can speak to our experience here at the BA, and we have found that our volunteers make a critical difference to enabling the BA to carry out its mission.  Volunteering is an important part of supporting the healing atmosphere at a Christian Science nursing facility. The volunteer’s most important contribution is their unselfed Christian affection, pure thought, and expectancy of healing, regardless of what their individual assignment is.

What are some ways volunteers can support Christian Science nursing facilities?

Volunteers can read for Sunday church services and weekly testimony meetings for patients.  Musicians provide music for church services, hymn sings, and concerts. At the BA, we’ve had book talks by authors, and geology and astronomy presentations.  Volunteers can also help in the offices of a facility, or share their talents as gardeners to beautify the grounds.

How do volunteers feel about their work?

Here are a few examples of what volunteers have told us :

  • One of our volunteer musicians commented:  “I’m committed to the healing work of the BA, and music is my way of supporting it.  I get so much out of doing this!  Music is not music unless you share it, and the BA is such a good place to share—everyone is so appreciative of what you do.”
  • Another volunteer told us:  “I had been praying to be of use to the Christian Science movement in a larger way, and the details of how to do it at the BA came specifically to thought—even though I live 2 hours away!  I then applied to volunteer. I really felt called in a way I never have before. I love the atmosphere and being around Christian Science nurses—a healing, positive, spiritual atmosphere.  Not to mention the fact of how appreciated you feel!  The Christian Science nurses are always thanking me and glad to have me here.  I feel like I’m in this little haven of healing.”
  • One volunteer said a main reason she’s serving at the BA is because of gratitude for what the BA has done for her family and friends: “Often, I am deeply moved by the dominion and the healing work that I see going on around me as I come to read and visit with those staying at the BA. [I have seen] family members . . . return . . . home healed and others on the road to healing and regeneration of thought and body.  . . . Fear is dissolved, and the patient is heard expressing gratitude for the feeling that they are living in the presence of God’s love, God’s care, and God’s companionship.

“I am deeply grateful for the haven of love the BA offers Christian Scientists, and I want very much to say thank you for being here for us all, thank you for the good comfort, the healing love, and the spiritual strength of [the] . . .  prayerful thoughts as daily demonstrated by the Christian Science nurses and staff.”

Is there anything you’d like to add?

We hope those reading this will consider sharing their time and love with a Christian Science nursing facility near them.  You can look under our Volunteer Opportunities page or feel free to call the BA and we’ll be happy to help you obtain this information.

If you’d like to volunteer at the BA, please contact Nancy Lamb at 617-975-2746, or by email: nlamb@chbenevolent.org.

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  1. Marion Harvey says:

    Thanks to Nancy for sharing those lovely comments from some of the BA’s current volunteers. I remember many years ago when a family member was being cared for at the BA (back when the Christian Science nursing floor was still in the Original Building). Our relative had several visits from the same volunteer and always looked forward to her bright cheery presence in the room, and to her spiritual intuition in action, when she seemed to have just the right passage from the books or article from the periodicals to share during her visit. It’s so good to know about today’s active volunteer program. Thought the readers of this blog might also enjoy hearing something out of the “archives” of my memory about the value of volunteers!

  2. Thank you NANCY for all you have done in nursing, congratulations, I have been a volunteer nurse in FERN LODGE in Ca , Glenmont OH, and Well Spring gardens TX. mY daughter Shirley is reader in the branch of COLOMBIA AND I was 6 years first reader in this church also.

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