Why is the BA on Facebook?

Everywhere you turn all you hear about is Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter — and now even Google is joining the social networking game with Google+.

Even if you’re not using these electronic tools yourself, you might like to know that over 750 million people are using some form of social networking media, and that number is rapidly growing every day.

How does having a page on Facebook help further the BA’s mission?

To put it simply, we are connecting with more people at a fraction of the cost of more traditional print communications; we’re staying in touch more frequently, and with more information. For instance, it costs the BA close to $10,000 just to print and mail a simple newsletter to our list. Just think of how that money could be used to support Christian Science nursing and the BA’s Nurses Training School program.

Some other benefits of social networking include…

• It’s a convenient way for friends of the BA to learn about the latest activities and events taking place on the BA campus and in nearby communities.

• It’s easy to share content from the BA’s newly revised website. Now there are email, Facebook and Twitter icons next to the main heading on every page – just click and share.

• And it’s easier to stay up-to-date on the latest health care and insurance issues that affect Christian Scientists. On Facebook you’ll see posts from Executive Director, Janiva Toler, sharing her unique expertise and perspective.

To take a peek at the latest posts, just click here, and be sure to click the ‘Like’ button.


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