Audio chats with Christian Science nurses

The following are podcast interviews with Christian Science nurses who have participated in the Christian Science Nurses Training Program at the BA in recent years.
Maa-Grace Maa-Grace Setordzie – “Everyone is here to provide the very best care.”
Josh Kenworthy Josh Kenworthy – “I find there’s a lot of joy in being able to apply what I’m learning and understanding of God and His healing power.”
Michelle Ponder Michelle Ponder – “I love that I’m working in accord with the By-law ‘Christian Science Nurse’ in the Church Manual by Mary Baker Eddy…”
Nathanael Kenworthy
Nathanael Kenworthy – “Witnessing the presence of Love…”
Linda Fulkerson
Linda Fulkerson – A Christian Science nurse finds the foundation and support she’s looking for
Mark Palkoner
Mark Palkoner – Mark Palkoner shares his inspiration
Alaina Carlson
Alaina Carlson – “…a deep appreciation of Christian Science nursing”
Lauren Daugherty Lauren Daugherty – A Christian Science nurse shares her perspective on training