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What is the BA’s Christian Science Nursing Arts training program like? Why would someone want to consider Christian Science nursing as a career?  The following interviews and comments from Christian Science nurses help answer those questions.


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Christian Science Nurses Training School at the BA.  



Listen to audio interviews with Christian Science nurses who talk about their experiences training at the BA.
Robyn Filbert, Assistant Director of Christian Science Nurses Training at the BA, talks about the holy work of Christian Science nursing. She explains: “When considering whether this ministry is right for you, it can be helpful to think about the unique and individual abilities and capabilities that you already express.” Click the play button below to hear the interview.

The BA’s Christian Science Nursing Arts Training Program includes mentored instruction that follows the CSNA class.  Luke Ochieng, a Christian Science nurse from Arden Wood in San Francisco, explains his experience with mentoring.

Kim Denson is originally from the San Francisco area, and now resides in the Boston area. She started working in the field of Christian Science nursing during college. After graduating from college, she then decided to take part in the BA’s Christian Science Nursing Arts because, as she says, “I knew it would broaden and strengthen my practice of Christian Science nursing. All the classes I have taken have been wonderful, from the instructors to other classmates. I am truly grateful I was led into this wonderful healing ministry.”

Adria Howe Johnson was raised in New England, lived in the Midwest and came into Christian Science nursing in response to her heartfelt desire to be more useful to God and to man. She had spent extended times away from home caring for loved ones.  This along with seeing Christian Science nurses in action, including the excellent care they gave a relative at the BA, led Adria to apply for training in Christian Science Nursing Arts.


Comments From Christian Science Nursing Arts Participants

Read what participants are saying about Christian Science Nursing Arts training at the BA.

The classroom instruction was so uplifting and rich. The study was demanding, but necessary and so useful. The instructors are inspiring, kind, gentle, and yet clear and firm with the instruction, when appropriate. I would absolutely recommend Christian Science Nursing Arts training.”

—CSNA II participant

Turning to the Church Manual By-law “Christian Science Nurse” again and again made clear the wonderful provision and vision Mrs. Eddy had for humanity and for Christian Science nursing. My identity as a Christian Science nurse has deepened and made more available in my daily life, as well.”

—CSNA IV participant

I couldn’t be more grateful for what I know is proving to be a strong foundation for me as a Christian Science nurse.”

—CSNA IV participant

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More inspiration and insights into the Christian Science Nursing Arts Program


Following are comments that bring even deeper insights in this Church Manual based activity.

Excerpts from remarks given at the 2016 Christian Science Nursing Arts Graduation Ceremony:

A graduation filled with gratitude

Emily Reynolds shares her thoughts about her first Christian Science Nursing Arts Training class at the BA:

Thoughts About My First Christian Science Nursing Arts Training Class