Participants’ Comments

Comments From Christian Science Nursing Arts Participants

The first day of class, I knew God had led me to my right place. In continuing with the Christian Science Nursing Arts classes at Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association, I found the clear metaphysical basis of the course work and the presentation of the needed skills exactly balanced. It is an inspired approach to Christian Science nurse’s training. The instructors and staff were so supportive and I am grateful to them for helping me on this path.

—A graduate of the Christian Science Nursing Arts training

I have so much gratitude and love for the Christian Science Nursing Arts. It continually points me to look to Principle not person in all that I do and think and has changed my view of nursing from deeds of human kindness to understanding nursing as the demonstration of Love meeting every human need.

—A graduate of the Christian Science Nursing Arts training

Clearly, the BA is doing everything possible to support the growth of Christian Science nursing. This is such a blessing to the whole movement; even if nurses do not continue past this class [CSNA I], they will go out into the world having sensed what true Christian Science nursing is and can help “lift up a standard” for others in their lives and conversations. It’s quite selfless what is being done at the BA to support Christian Science nursing. I’m grateful to have been included in its hope for the future and its generosity….

—A Christian Science Nursing Arts participant

When I was considering [taking training at] the Benevolent Association, I didn’t know a lot about Christian Science nursing. But I knew a lot about Church, and I knew a lot about my love for God and for my fellow man….I am a different person today because of my knowledge and love for Christian Science nursing. It has helped me to grow individually, spiritually, in my church work, and in my relationships with others. The Christian Science Nursing Arts training has brought much ‘to my love and appreciation for Christian Science.

—A graduate of the Christian Science Nursing Arts training

The Christian Science Nursing Arts has defined and strengthened for me what was familiar to my heart and practice of Christian Science nursing while simultaneously lighting the way to bringing to my fellow man a clearer reflection of infinite Love’s specific and unique care for each of His ideas.

—A Christian Science Nurse