1. How would I request Christian Science nursing services?
Simply call 800-662-9937 and state that you are looking for Christian Science nursing services, and you will be connected with an admissions coordinator. The coordinator will ask you a few questions to determine the needs and whether we can best help through admission, through the Visiting Christian Science Nursing Service, or through our outpatient care.

2. What are the requirements for admission?
You must be having treatment from a Christian Science Journal-listed practitioner on a daily basis and relying solely on Christian Science for healing. Each call is considered on an individual basis, according to the request and need, as well as the availability for admission.

3. Must I be having treatment with a local Christian Science Journal-listed practitioner?
No. You are free to work with any Christian Science practitioner that is listed in The Christian Science Journal.

4. Is there a limit to my length of stay?
Each case is considered individually, keeping step with progress.

5. How do I know what level of care is needed?
This can easily be determined by an assessment from one of our Christian Science Nursing Admission Coordinators. The level of care is based upon the skill needed and hours required to render the care. All of our Coordinators are skilled in being able to determine the care level based upon the present needs.

6. How much does nursing care cost and does Medicare cover the cost?
The cost will be determined according to the level of care that is required. Please visit our section on “Medicare” to determine what and how Medicare would cover a stay at the BA.

7. Will my insurance cover the cost of care?
We are happy to discuss your insurance questions and help you determine whether the insurance you have will cover your stay at the BA. If you would like to discuss buying a policy and what policy would best cover a stay at the BA, please visit our “Insurance” section of our website.

8. Can my family and friends visit?
We welcome family and friends to visit. Our visiting hours are flexible and we try to meet the needs of each individual patient including a balance of activity and quiet.

9. Is there benevolence?
Please see our section on “Financial Assistance”. We welcome each patient to fill out a financial assistance request, and give assistance based upon each individual need. Our benevolence fund is primarily reserved for those needing skilled Christian Science nursing care and there are more limited funds available for Light Assistance.

10. How do I schedule a visiting nurse?
The Visiting Christian Science Nursing Service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To reach the visiting service dial the main number 617-734-5600.