Inpatient / Outpatient Care

Inpatient Care
Our inpatient care provides a refuge for study and prayer for individuals relying on Christian Science for healing. Patients receive individual care which keeps pace with their progress and healing. Christian Science nurses are on duty 24 hours a day to respond to, and care for, needs of mobility/activity, communication, comfort, rest, cleanliness, nourishment, and surroundings.

All of our Christian Science nurses have received training and are prepared to administer skilled, individualized care in meeting a variety of needs.

This may include caring for an individual who is receiving all care in bed, caring for cleansing and bandaging needs, giving skilled support and instruction with walking or moving, providing a safe environment and skilled support for those challenged with mental clarity and giving one-to-one continuous care and support to meet an individual’s need.

Patients have private rooms that include a private shower, phone, and voice mail. Meals are prepared under the direction of our chef and modified according to individual needs. Each room receives the Christian Science textbook, hymns and a variety of Christian Science broadcasts on our PA system. There are areas for study, dining, and other activities on the Christian Science nursing floor. Informal church services are held Sunday afternoons and Thursday evenings in our activity room.

Outpatient Care
Outpatient care supports adults and children seeking healing and skillful assistance with care. Outpatient Christian Science nursing care is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for individuals relying upon Christian Science for healing.

An individual receiving outpatient care should be able to be safely cared for in his own environment without the need for 24-hour-continuous care or oversight of a Christian Science nurse. Children and adults alike feel the embrace of the Comforter as they receive skilled care. Our outpatient services might include, for instance, assistance with cleansing and bandaging or assistance with the use of mobility aids such as crutches or walkers.

Our Outpatient Room is located on the first floor of the Christian Science nursing building, allowing for a confidential setting. To arrange for services, please call our main number.