Visiting CS Nursing Service

IMG_1809njChestnut Hill Benevolent Association’s Christian Science nursing care extends beyond its walls. The BA’s Visiting Christian Science Nursing Service (VCSNS) is ready to support healing. This service promptly and tenderly ministers to individuals relying on Christian Science for healing wherever they are, and regardless of time of day, or day of week.

Visiting Christian Science nursing care is always expectant of complete healing, and care is given consistent with the theology of Christian Science. The following may be included in ministering to those in need:

  • Assistance and support with mobility
  • Nourishment—meal preparation and/or modification of meals, and assistance with feeding
  • Assistance and support with personal care and bathing
  • Cleansing and bandaging
  • Assistance and support regarding the needs of comfort, rest, and communication
  • Assistance and support for surroundings
  • Support to family members or other caregivers to help insure proper care in ministering to individual’s needs

Recurring visits are scheduled accordingly to keep pace with an individual’s progress and demonstration. Visits are typically no longer than two hours.

The BA’s service is available to individuals in the six and half state New England region of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, plus some areas in upstate New York. In areas of this region where there is already a Visiting Christian Science nursing service, the BA supports those visiting services as a resource.