Reception Associate — Part-time

Do you have a loving, gracious manner and an eagerness to extend a warm welcome to guests, visitors, and residents?

Would you like to serve at our Reception Desk in support of the Christian Science nursing and guest services at the BA?

Ask about our commute and stay on-site option!

This position requires:

  • Learning and retaining details
  • Handling several demands at once accurately, comfortably, and cheerfully
  • Working with computers and cashier responsibilities

Other considerations:

  • Are you a good communicator who enjoys working with people in a fluid and frequently fast-paced environment?
  • Can you handle emergency situations calmly?
  • Schedules may include some weekends, evenings, and a few holidays


  • Membership in The Mother Church
  • Class instruction and active branch church membership preferred

Position Type:

Part-time and occasional substitute

Please submit BA application forms, cover letter and resumé (if available).
Contact: Gloria Richmond, HR Manager
Phone: 617-975-2523 Fax: 617-975-2703

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