Your help is needed to repair and upgrade our campus

2020 Repair & Upgrade Projects brochure

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February 2020

We are grateful to tell you that our end-of year need for funding our Christian Science nursing services was met. Thank you for your loving embrace of the BA and the holy ministry of Christian Science nursing. We cherish the important role you fill in providing the Christian Science nursing services and training at the BA.

Today we are asking for your help in repairing and upgrading our campus. The projects for 2020 are described in the leaflet enclosed with this letter. We have carefully prioritized key areas that are integral to the work of the BA.

These areas include:

  • Christian Science Nurses Training School — $11,500
  • Christian Science Nursing Building — $26,200
  • Kitchen/Dining — $22,000
  • Campus-wide — $52,600


We are grateful for the progress we have seen over the past year. Thanks to contributions we received to the General Fund we were able to repair the Dining Room roof by eliminating multiple leaks, install new downspouts and roof flashing, and purchase a patient lifter and other equipment used to safely and comfortably move patients and to assist Christian Science nurses. We also received donations to replace smoke detectors with programmable units and to make needed fire sprinkler upgrades.

Your generous support of the Benevolent Association is invaluable to its healing mission. Your contributions benefit those currently receiving Christian Science nursing care at the BA. And they also help ensure the continuing availability of this service for future generations.

In approaching all our work at the BA, we know we must first cherish the BA as a spiritual idea—-sound and replete; including all it needs to fulfill its holy purpose.

In his article “The Christian Science Benevolent Association,” Edward A. Merritt writes,

“Let us, therefore, get the right idea about the Benevolent Association as a divine idea, spiritual in its quality and character. …When the right idea is understood, it will accomplish the work which Mrs. Eddy intended. In no other way can its success be realized. It must be done according to Principle.”

It is from this basis that we approach the restoration activity at the Benevolent Association, and we invite you to join us in this important work. Your gift to our General Fund will help pay for these projects and more. As we noted earlier, your support will help provide this refuge for healing for those in need today and for generations to come. Every gift moves this work forward. Thank you for your loving generosity.


With sincere gratitude,

Susan Johnson

Susan Johnson
President, Board of Trustees

Janiva Toler

Janiva Toler
Chief Executive Officer

P.S. If you are not already a member of the 2020 Sustaining Circle, please consider joining or renewing your membership by giving $1,000 or more or $84 per month. The Sustaining Circle provides an important foundation of support for the BA’s Christian Science nursing services and training program.