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A Century of Healing at the BA and Your Vital Role

The idea of the Benevolent Association was revealed to Mary Baker Eddy as a result of her consecrated prayer. Adam Dickey wrote in his article in the December 16, 1916 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel:


“Our Leader was for many years deeply impressed with the thought that the Christian Science movement should have places where people suffering from ills of various sorts could retire for treatment, rest, and recuperation…. The purpose which the Directors of The Mother Church seek to accomplish in organizing the Christian Science Benevolent Association is one that is in direct obedience to our Leader’s wishes and which had for a long time been uppermost in her thought.”



When the Board of Directors of The Mother Church invited contributions from the Field to build and maintain the Christian Science Benevolent Association, individuals, branch churches and societies—including Sunday Schools—from around the world responded. Gifts came from as far away as Egypt, the Sudan, and Russia. The donors’ circumstances and gifts varied greatly, but they all had in common a great love and gratitude for the healing efficacy of Christian Science.

Notes of gratitude from around the world (PDF)

As we recognize a century since the opening of the Benevolent Association, we are deeply grateful for the countless healings witnessed at the BA, proving the effectiveness and relevancy of Christian Science. Recently we brought together a collection of healings that have taken place at the BA over the past 100 years. These are from the Christian Science periodicals, the BA‘s archives, and from accounts shared directly with the BA for the purpose of sharing them with you. Last year we sent you a small sampling from this collection. This year, our centennial year, we will share a more complete collection.

We hope this record of healing inspires you and shows you how much your contributions
mean to those seeking healing through Christian Science. Your support is integral to the care
we provide.

Sample page from the BA’s collection of healings

Today we are asking for your help to meet an immediate need for operating funds that support our Christian Science nursing services and Christian Science nurses training. Because of the great demand for the BA’s Christian Science nursing services, your ongoing support is more important than ever. We depend on contributions to make up 35% of the funds required to provide our Christian Science nursing care. Your donation is essential to meet our budget and to provide care for those in need. Please send your gift today. Your support does so much good. Thank you for your loving consideration.

With gratitude,

Susan R. Johnson Janiva Toler
President, Board of Trustees Chief Executive Officer


P.S. We will send the collection of healings to everyone who responds to this appeal. If this is not the right time for you to give, but you would like a copy, please check the box on the reply slip or call us, and we will be happy to send you a copy.

Please consider joining our 2020 Sustaining Circle or renewing your membership by giving $1,000 per year or $84 per month. The Sustaining Circle provides an important financial foundation for our Christian Science nursing services and Christian Science nurses training program.