April 2017

New $100,000 matching opportunity for Christian Science Nurses Training

Dear friends:

Representing facilities and visiting services throughout the US, these participants recently completed Christian Science Nursing Arts III.

Great news! Your gift for training Christian Science nurses serving throughout the Field will be doubled through July 1, 2017. This is an important opportunity to help meet the great need for Christian Science nurses worldwide. The Benevolent Association’s response to this need is one of devoted prayer for this Church ministry as well as instruction in the Christian Science Nursing Arts at our Christian Science Nurses Training School. This training supports those preparing for and engaged in the work of Christian Science nursing from facilities and visiting services located across the US and those working at the BA. All courses in the Christian Science Nursing Arts are underwritten by the BA. This is one of the many reasons why your support is vital.

As the Center for the Christian Science Nursing Arts, the BA also provides support to four other facilities that are teaching one or two classes included in the structured Christian Science Nursing Arts Training Program and are providing mentoring for all four of these courses. The BA is the only school that teaches all four levels of the Christian Science Nursing Arts classes. Throughout the year, Christian Science nurses come from other facilities and visiting services to complete their training at the BA.

The BA subsidizes 80% of the costs of training for those who come to our training school from the US and across the world. Of this 80%, over $500,000 in training costs are not covered by tuition or donations and must be taken from the BA’s general operating funds. This year, with our balanced but austere budget, your support is especially needed to help continue training Christian Science nurses, as they go forward supporting healing throughout our movement. Our gratitude abounds for the loving, prayerful, and financial support being given to the BA as we work together with you in our continuing steps towards solvency.

Your gift will help ensure that the ministry of Christian Science nursing is readily available wherever it is needed. In the enclosed insert, read what Christian Science nurses have shared about what this training has meant to them and their practice.

Thank you for your generous support of this healing activity of Church and its embrace of mankind.

With great gratitude,

Cynthia Borden Ritz Janiva Toler
President Executive Director


P.S. Please consider making a donation today. All gifts to the Christian Science Nurses Training Fund will be doubled through July 1, 2017 or until the match is met.

Christian Science nurses share
 this training has meant to them.

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