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Christian Science nursing — His truth endureth to all generations. (Psalms 100:5)

A high school sophomore was heating a beaker of chemicals in his chemistry class when the beaker exploded near his hand spraying glass and chemicals on him. In his testimony titled “Healed after a chemical burn” published in the March 4, 2013 Christian Science Sentinel, he shares:

“My mom came to pick me up from school very shortly, and we decided together that I would go to the nearby Christian Science nursing facility where Christian Science nurses thoroughly cleaned my hand, arm, and neck, and bandaged everything. I returned there every day, often twice a day. I am very grateful for the loving care I received from the Christian Science nurses there. Their care provided a sense of comfort, as did the spiritual truths I prayed with.”

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Here is another example of healing.

While roasting marshmallows one summer evening, a scalding marshmallow became stuck to a 5-year-old’s eye. Her father explains:

“My wife and I are always ready to take whatever practical option seems best for our children at any time. But we are very confident in Christian Science care. So before we did anything else we did call a Christian Science practitioner. We knew right away that the physical evidence is not the final verdict.

“We felt going to the Benevolent Association was really part of the guidance we were being given. …When we got to the BA, a Christian Science nurse was right there to very gently and care-
fully clean and bandage the wounds and provided a spiritually supportive tone for our visit. The entire time our daughter was happy to be there. …There was nothing but joy coming from her. It helped us know that this was a true healing.

“The next week or so we came every day to get the wounds cleaned and bandaged properly by the Christian Science nurses. Even though we weren’t focused on the physical improvements, it was clear that the improvements were rapid. One of our concerns was that we were going to take a family vacation together that summer where the kids were going to be in the ocean much of the time. What were we going to do with these bandages…? But the physical evidence of the healing was so quick that soon she didn’t require any bandages. We saw this as incredible progress, and going into the vacation she didn’t even need a Band-Aid.”

Your contributions to the BA provide Christian Science nursing for those in need regardless of age. We are grateful to have witnessed and supported these and many other healings with children and teens through our outpatient and visiting Christian Science nursing services, and through the work of Christian Science nurses who have trained at the BA and serve at Christian Science camps and schools.

To provide essential funding needed for our Christian Science nursing services and Christian Science Nurses Training School, three donors have stepped forward to fund a new $44,000 Matching Opportunity. Every gift to the BA’s General Fund will be matched dollar-for-dollar through October 1, 2021 (or until the match is met).

Your embrace of the Benevolent Association and Christian Science nursing is an invaluable support to the youngest generation of Christian Scientists as well as all who call upon this ministry in support of healing.

Thank you for your generosity.

With heartfelt appreciation,

Janiva Toler
Gregory A. McLane Janiva Toler
Chair, Board of Trustees Chief Executive Officer



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