Medicare Part A

Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) is a Social Security benefit and pays for care in RNHCIs, Religious Non-medical Health Care Institutions, that are Medicare providers.

Part A is paid for by a portion of Social Security tax.  In a Christian Science facility it helps pay for inpatient care.


Eligibility for Medicare covered care at a Religious Nonmedical Health Care Institution (RNHCI)

A Christian Scientist is eligible for Medicare benefits at a Religious Nonmedical Health Care Institution (RNHCI), such as the BA, if skilled Christian Science nursing is required. Part A Medicare covers room and board, Christian Science nursing care, and some supplies.

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Part A covers:

Christian Science nursing
Some supplies
Meals and nourishment

Part A does not cover:

Christian Science practitioner fees
Telephone calls
Rest and Study visits
Light Christian Science nursing care
Personal care items

Part A Medicare Benefits in 2022

Benefit Length
Medicare Pay
Patient Pay
 Hospital Care
(Deductible portion
of Medicare)
1st-60th day 100% of bill
(after deduction
of the first $1,556)
Up to the
first $1,556
Hospital Care
(Co-insurance portion
of Medicare)
61st-90th day Charges in excess
of $389/day
All costs up
to $389/day
 Hospital Care
(Lifetime Reserve portion
of Medicare)
91st-150th day Charges in excess
of $778/day
All costs up
to $778/day


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