Medicare Part B

Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) helps cover medically-necessary services like doctors’ services and outpatient care and is not a Social Security benefit. Medicare Part B does not directly cover any of the services at a RNHCI such as the BA.

We are often asked why Christian Scientists might enroll in Part B.

  • Medigap Insurance (a type of private health insurance) usually requires Part B.
  • Spouses and family members often request that their CS family member be covered by Part B
  • If a Christian Scientist elected to have a bone set by a physician – that would be a Part B coverage
  • If a Christian Scientist were taken against their will to a hospital (911 called by a neighbor or good Samaritan), Part B coverage could pay


The Cost of Part B:

The standard premium is $170.10 each month – deducted from your social security payment.

If  income is above a certain amount, you pay more. They look at your modified adjusted gross income from your IRS tax return from 2 years ago (the most recent tax return information provided to SS by the IRS). Increases from $170.10 each month if you are above $91,000 as an individual or above $182,000 filing jointly, see Cost of Part B on the Medicare Site.

Late Enrollment Penalties:

You can enroll later. But depending on how much later, and the circumstances delaying enrollment, there may be a penalty.

The handbook, Medicare & You, covers this in detail. For more information about Medicare please go to:


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