Health Care FAQs

We have compiled the most frequently asked questions about Health Care below. If we have not answered your questions, please feel free to send us an email at, or call us at 617-734-5600.

I have lots of questions about signing up for Medicare, where should I start?
What must I do in order to enroll in Medicare?
Where can I find the Christian Science care facilities that accept Medicare and Medicaid?
For a Medicare Part A inpatient stay, how much does the patient pay?
Why would a Christian Scientist opt for Medicare Part B when Part B isn't used at Christian Science nursing facilities?
If I don't take Original Medicare Part B when I turn 65, but want to get it later, is there a penalty?
Is there anything one could do to make sure he/she is NOT automatically enrolled in Medicare?
What insurance companies provide Medigap policies?
Is it true that Part B does not cover Christian Science practitioners but Medigap does if you are in a RNHCI?
Why should a Christian Scientist have a health care proxy?
What insurance companies cover Christian Science care?
How can I tell if my current insurance policy covers Christian Science benefits?
Under health care reform, will a Christian Scientist be required to buy health insurance if not already covered?