Matching Opportunity to Support Christian Science Nurses Training

Matching Opportunity to Support
Christian Science Nurses Training

From the time when the mountain peaks glow with the rising sun to when the clanging bell calls all campers to dinner, the sage-scented air is crisp and dry as can be.

Wait a minute, this doesn’t sound like high summer at Chestnut Hill..

Bonnie Treworgy - Christian Science nurse currently working at Adventure Unlimited

Indeed not. But there, watchfully joining the Adventure Unlimited campers assembling for mealtime, is a Christian Science nurse not only at home in the high plains, but also in the Bay State’s Beantown, having trained in the Christian Science Nursing Arts at the BA.

For Bonnie Treworgy, the transition to serving as a Christian Science nurse at a camp half a continent away was as natural as the call to Christian Science nursing was clear. Led to pursue this ministry, she temporarily put her undergraduate degree on hold in order to devote time to train at the BA. Addressing her fellow Christian Science Nurses Training School graduates this past March, Bonnie expressed their mission’s independence of time and place:

Christian Science nursing is not confined to working in a facility. It is not limited to the time frame of an eight-hour shift. It is a practice that compassionately embraces all mankind with unselfish love. It requires us to continually grow in our understanding and demonstration of Christian Science.

How does the BA’s curriculum in Christian Science Nursing Arts support that growth?

Christian Science nursing has helped me to be more focused on God and what God is doing, and really trust in that aid for all our needs. It’s helped me move away from a human focus on life and think about what I can give more as a reflection of God. We need to demand of ourselves the expression of those qualities that Mrs. Eddy has in Science and Health: “cheerful, orderly, punctual, patient, full of faith, – receptive to Truth and Love,” and set aside the human characteristics that we sometimes let define us.

The BA’s Christian Science Nursing Arts training program promotes a high standard of care for patients, reflective of the Church Manual By-law, “Christian Science Nurse.” It supports Christian Science nurses in demonstrating the metaphysical clarity, sound judgment, and loving skillful care so essential to the art of Christian Science nursing. This training addresses the conscientious preparation and practice for this mission that Mary Baker Eddy saw as so essential to the Cause of Christian Science.

The Christian Science Nursing Arts training is applicable to all avenues of Christian Science nursing, whether it’s filling a role at one of the camps, a Christian Science nursing facility, or providing private-duty service wherever called.

And, as this training supports healing in our Field, your embrace of the BA’s Christian Science Nurses Training School also supports Christian Science healing.

Special Opportunity

Today, you have the special opportunity to have each and every gift you make to training doubled. A foundation has expressed their commitment to our training school by offering to increase this matching opportunity to $147,000, for gifts made by August 31, 2011.

Whether you’ve already given or are waiting for the right time, please consider a gift now when all donations to training will be matched. You will help ensure those, like Bonnie, who know so clearly that they want to serve our Cause and bless mankind through Christian Science nursing, can do so with high standards of guidance and preparation.


Janiva Toler Executive Director

P.S. – The response to this matching opportunity continues to be strong. Only an additional $40,000 is needed to meet our goal, so act now if you want to have your gift doubled. Donate online.