Matching Opportunity increased to $100,000 for Christian Science Nurses Training




April 2018


Matching Opportunity increased to $100,000
for Christian Science Nurses Training


Dear Friends:

The Benevolent Association’s Christian Science Nursing Arts training supports those preparing for and engaged in the work of Christian Science nursing throughout the Field. Your gift for training these Christian Science nurses will be doubled through June 30, 2018. This is an important opportunity to support healing and to help meet the need for Christian Science nurses worldwide.

You may not know that all courses in the Christian Science Nursing Arts are underwritten by the BA. Tuition covers approximately 20% of the costs of training and the other 80% must be subsidized. Your contributions cover a portion of the 80% with the remainder coming from the BA’s general operating fund. This is one of the reasons why your contributions are greatly needed and appreciated.

We asked a graduate from the BA’s Christian Science Nursing Arts to share with you her thoughts about this training.

“I love the avenue that the training provides for bringing out the art of Christian Science nursing. The foundation for the training is so deeply rooted in the teachings of Christian Science as was my preparation to represent myself as a Christian Science nurse. Our pastor, the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, along with our Master’s example and the example we have from Mrs. Eddy in her writings, are the basis of a genuine practice of Christian Science nursing. The more I understand of the teachings of this Science, the more I find I am able to bring out the art of Christian Science nursing in my work.

“An artist needs to have a right model in thought in order to bring out this ideal in expression. As a Christian Science nurse, I have looked continually to the Bible and Science and Health as this model for how to bring out the art of Christian Science nursing. And, I have also found Mrs. Eddy’s guidance through our Church Manual to be essential. I have to understand what the requirements in the Manual By-law ‘Christian Science Nurse’* bring forward as the perfect model in order to carry out the art of Christian Science nursing. With a ‘demon-
strable knowledge of Christian Science practice’* in my own life, seen in healings I’ve experienced and in understanding how I’ve experienced them through the Science of healing, I can bring the art of this demonstrable knowledge into expression. This is illustrated in the way that I behold and care for those who may be calling on Christian Science nursing in a time of need. This demonstrable knowledge brings out the tenderness, compassion, confidence, steadfastness, expectancy, and cheer needed in my work with the individual patient; it supports a mental atmosphere for the patient that is free from psychology, diagnosis, judgment, or fear, because I’ve kept scientific watch over my thought.

“My training included working with foundational ethics and arts which stem directly from the teachings of Christian Science and from the Manual By-law ‘Christian Science Nurse.’ One of the arts that I’ve found so foundational to my own practice is ‘Turning away from material sense testimony without turning away from your fellow man.’ A solid understanding of the truths of Christian Science gives such confidence in the testimony of spiritual sense when we’re faced with challenging circumstances. A deep compassion, stemming from the impetus of divine Love’s continuous care and love for man, coupled with this understanding, brings out the art of being able to minister so closely, so steadfastly to an individual while at the same time not ever being drawn in to accept anything false about man. Time and time again, as I’ve worked actively with this art, whether it’s been with my work with patients at the BA or responding to needs out in the community, I’ve witnessed many beautiful and complete healings.”

Your gift will help ensure that the healing ministry of Christian Science nursing is readily available wherever it is needed. All contributions for the Christian Science Nurses Training Fund will be matched through June 30, 2018, or until the match is met.

Thank you for your generous support of this healing activity of Church and its embrace of mankind.

With sincere appreciation,

Cynthia Borden Ritz Janiva Toler
President Executive Director

P.S. This is a great opportunity to join or renew your membership in the 2018 Sustaining Circle and have your gift matched – by giving a monthly gift starting at $84 or one-time gift of $1,000 or more. If you’re already a member, thank you!

*Manual of The Mother Church, p. 49