Reception Supervisor Job Description




DEPARTMENT:      Reception                                                                    Grade: G-7                                            

POSITION TITLE: Reception Supervisor                                                  Job #: 7110

ORGANIZATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS: Reports to Reception Manager and, in her absence, to the CEO. Supervises Reception activities and Reception associates including overnight Security shift. Has contact with guests, residents, associates, and visitors. 

SUMMARY: Expresses qualities that represent the BA’s healing mission and Christian Science nursing. Works closely with Reception Manager to train and supervise Reception associates to provide a high level of customer satisfaction for all who call upon the BA’s services or live and/or work on the BA campus. Assists in developing and maintaining training and procedures manuals. Has contact with inquirers seeking Christian Science nursing, Rest & Study guests, Residents, everyone who lives on campus, and staff throughout the BA. Handles non-routine Rest and Study inquiries as back-up to the Residential and Guest Services Manager and Reception Manager. Works with other departments in support of their activities and the BA as a whole. 



  1. Assists Manager in training Reception associates including the overnight Security shift. Cultivates a calm, supportive atmosphere in which staff maintains confidentiality while responding promptly, accurately, and graciously to those who have business with the BA through Reception.
  1. Works with Reception Manager to organize Reception duties and responsibilities. Develops and maintains training and procedures manuals.
  1. Serves with Manager to oversee Rest and Study and in-house billing on computer software program.
  1. In addition to oversight of staff, the Reception Manager and the Reception Supervisor each work several shifts per week fulfilling the duties of Reception & Reservation Specialists. Must be able to serve some evenings and some weekend shifts.
  1. In concert with Manager:
    1. Prepares staff work schedules, developing flexible shift arrangements as needed.
    2. Oversees security responsibility expressed through the sign-in/sign-out of visitors, the sign-out/sign-in of keys, the use of security monitors and remote door release, and rounds during overnight hours to maintain campus security.
  1. Provides recommendations to manager for performance reviews.
  1. Responsible for support, assistance, and duties in other areas as needed or assigned.


MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Must be a class-taught by an authorized teacher of Christian Science, a member of The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, MA, and an active member of a branch church or a local member of The Mother Church. Metaphysically supports mission of Benevolent Association. At least 3 years of progressive, relevant work experience required.  Strong computer skills and experience necessary. Good communication and interpersonal skills and ability to balance and prioritize multiple tasks while ensuring timeliness and accuracy. Must maintain confidentiality in all areas. Demonstrated strength in handling many details and timely follow-through.