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Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association, affectionately known as the BA, offers Christian Science nursing services, Christian Science Nurses Training, senior residential living, and Rest & Study for Christian Scientists

A century of continuity, progress, and healing
 old-car-from-timeline Travel through the years to see how the BA’s services to the Christian Science Field have evolved.  This timeline highlights some of the BA’s major milestones as it has consistently fulfilled its healing mission of providing a refuge and services that minister to the needs of mankind with Christian Science nursing.

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Video: A look at Christian Science Nursing Arts training
ba-csna-may2016-194 A high level look at the BA’s Christian Science Nursing Arts Training program. A visual guide for anyone interested in learning more about the Training School, and how it prepares individuals for the healing ministry of Christian Science nursing.

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Complete healing of injured finger
 hydrangea-home page While preparing for a lakeside party for her daughter, a woman severely injured her finger.  She turned to Christian Science nursing services at the BA for the skilled and loving care that she needed.