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Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association, affectionately known as the BA, offers Christian Science nursing services, Christian Science Nurses Training, Independent Living, and Rest & Study for Christian Scientists

[podcast] Hopping the pond for the spiritual atmosphere
Sally Cartwright-lo

Sally Cartwright splits her time between Scotland and the United States, and although she lives in a beautiful small town in Scotland named Alness, which she thinks of as “God’s All-ness,” Sally comes back to the BA every year.

Listen to her interview to find out what it is about the BA’s community that brings her back, year by year.

[podcast] 5-year-old’s healing inspires parents
 Alma, Dear Nurse, Podcast image 001

Listen to Matthew Clark share his gratitude for his daughter’s calm and joy and for the BA’s outpatient service.


[recipe] Grilled shrimp with honey
Grilled shrimp with honey (2 of 2)

Enjoy the taste of the ocean in your backyard with this shrimp recipe.

Get the recipe.