Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association, affectionately known as the BA, offers Christian Science nursing services, Christian Science Nurses Training, senior residential living, and Rest & Study for Christian Scientists

Podcast: A talented volunteer talks about mission, healing — and humor

Steve Carlson, a former editor for the Christian Science periodicals, loves to volunteer at the BA. And during his regular visits Steve welcomes the opportunity to share the weekly Bible Lesson. In this audio podcast Steve chats with the BA’s Monty Haas about how much he also enjoys sharing music and humor.


A guide to the BA’s Christian Science Nurses Training School

The spiritual healing ministry of Christian Science nursing provides many avenues for caring for the needs of individuals.  Here we provide an overview of what the Christian Science Nursing Arts curriculum includes, and comments from those who have chosen this ministry.


[recipe] Heart shaped four cheese ravioli 
iStock_000006252386_Double Valentines’ Day is not always just about chocolate! This year Chef Mark will be preparing a fun and flavorful pasta dish for The Residences at 910.