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Christian Science Nursing Care

Our Christian Science nursing services provide a refuge for healing and tender, skilled care for those relying on Christian Science prayerful treatment.
The foundation for Christian Science nursing is securely established in the Bible, and in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy. Mrs. Eddy sets forth in the Church Manual By-law (Article VIII, Sect. 31) the requirements and standard for its practice.

Inpatient & Outpatient Care

Inpatient Care

Our inpatient care provides a refuge for study and prayer for individuals relying on Christian Science for healing. Patients receive individual care which keeps pace with their progress and healing.

All of our Christian Science nurses have received training and are prepared to provide a skilled, individualized ministry in caring for a variety of needs. Christian Science nurses are on duty 24 hours a day supporting healing.

This may include caring for an individual who is receiving all care in bed, caring for cleansing and bandaging needs, giving skilled support and instruction with walking or moving, providing a safe environment and skilled support for those challenged with mental clarity and giving one-to-one continuous care and support.

Patients have private rooms that include a private bath. Meals are prepared under the direction of our chef and modified according to individual needs. Each room receives the Christian Science textbook, hymns and a variety of Christian Science broadcasts on our PA system. There are areas for study, dining, and other activities on the Christian Science nursing floor.

Outpatient Care

Outpatient care supports adults and children seeking healing and loving, skillful assistance with care. Outpatient Christian Science nursing care is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for individuals relying upon Christian Science for healing.

Children and adults alike feel the embrace of the Comforter as they receive skilled care. Our outpatient services might include assistance with cleansing and bandaging or assistance with the use of mobility aids such as crutches or walkers.

Our Outpatient Room is located on the first floor of the Christian Science Nursing Building, allowing for a confidential setting. To arrange for services, please call our main number (617) 734-5600.

Visiting Service

Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association’s Christian Science nursing care extends beyond its walls. The BA’s Visiting Christian Science Nursing Service (VCSNS) is ready to support healing. This service promptly and tenderly ministers to individuals relying on Christian Science for healing wherever they are—regardless of day or time.

Visiting Christian Science nursing care is always expectant of complete healing, and care is given consistent with the theology of Christian Science. The following may be included in ministering to those in need:

  • Assistance and support with mobility

  • Nourishment—meal preparation and/or modification of meals, and assistance with feeding

  • Assistance and support with personal care and bathing

  • Cleansing and bandaging

  • Assistance and support regarding the needs of comfort, rest, and communication

  • Assistance and support for surroundings

  • Support to family members or other caregivers to help insure proper care in ministering to individual’s needs

Recurring visits are scheduled accordingly to keep pace with an individual’s progress and demonstration. Visits are typically no longer than two hours.

The BA’s service is available to individuals in the six and half state New England region of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, plus some areas in upstate New York. In areas of this region where there is already a visiting Christian Science nursing service, the BA supports those visiting services as a resource.

Mother & Infant Care

The BA’s mother and infant care service provides loving support of Christian Science nursing for expectant parents during the labor and delivery; and a provision for the continued loving care and support of Christian Science nursing for the mom and baby, or babies, for the first day (or days) after the delivery. This care includes working with family members in caring for the new arrival(s).

Please feel free to call and speak to a member of our Mother and Infant Care team. We are happy to be a resource for families throughout the pregnancy and afterwards with any questions that might arise.

Admissions & Rates

Admission coordinators are available 24 hours-a-day to respond to requests for Christian Science nursing care, whether for inpatient, outpatient, or visiting Christian Science nursing services. For admission or to schedule a visiting Christian Science nurse, please call 617-734-5600.

All Christian Science nursing services are under the oversight of a Journal-listed Christian Science nurse.

Inpatient Care

All rates include room, meals, standard supplies, and Christian Science nursing.

Christian Science Care

  • Up to 3 hours $216/day

  • 3 to 5 hours $395/day

  • 5 to 8 hours $508/day

  • More than 8 hours add $50 for each additional hour

Christian Science Nursing Care (skilled care)

  • Up to 8 nursing hours $744/day

  • 8 to 12 nursing hours $1,112/day

  • 12 to 18 nursing hours $1,403/day

  • More than 18 nursing hours add $50 for each additional hour

Outpatient Care

Outpatient Christian Science nursing is available for children and adults 24-hours-a-day in our Outpatient Room on the first floor of the Christian Science nursing building.

  • 1⁄2 hour minimum $90/hour

Visiting Service

Christian Science nursing is available in the home for those residing in the six-state New England area plus New York. There is an additional charge for mileage, tolls, supplies, and parking. Hourly charges for travel are incurred beyond 2 hours roundtrip.

  • 1 hour minimum (7am–11pm) $90/hour

  • 1 hour minimum (11pm–7am) $100/hour

Mother and Infant Care

Please call for rates.

Rates effective October 1, 2023, and are subject to change.

Financial Assistance

Mary Baker Eddy felt that those who are earnestly seeking healing in Christian Science should be able to receive skilled Christian Science nursing care, even if they are unable to pay the full cost.

Therefore, when Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association was founded, a benevolence fund was established so that Christian Scientists could provide financial support to ensure the availability of Christian Science nursing care for all those in need.

Patients may apply for financial aid if they are unable to pay all or part of their Christian Science nursing care costs. To download the Financial Assistance form click here. We are deeply grateful for the generosity of donors who give to this much needed fund.

For information on organizations which provide financial assistance to Christian Scientists, please click here.


How would I request Christian Science nursing services?

Simply call 617-734-5600 and state that you are looking for Christian Science nursing services, and you will be connected with an admissions coordinator. The coordinator will ask you a few questions to determine the needs and whether we can best help through admission, through the Visiting Christian Science Nursing Service, or through our outpatient care.

What are the requirements for admission?

You must be having treatment from a Christian Science Journal-listed practitioner on a daily basis and relying solely on Christian Science for healing. Each call is considered on an individual basis, according to the request and need, as well as the availability for admission.

Must I be having treatment with a local Christian Science Journal-listed practitioner?

No. You are free to work with any Christian Science practitioner that is listed in The Christian Science Journal.

Is there a limit to my length of stay?

Each case is considered individually, keeping step with progress.

How much does Christian Science nursing care cost and does Medicare cover the cost?

The cost will be determined according to the level of care that is required. Please visit our section on “Medicare” to determine what and how Medicare would cover a stay at the BA.

Will my insurance cover the cost of care?

We are happy to discuss your insurance questions and help you determine whether the insurance you have will cover your stay at the BA. If you would like to discuss buying a policy and what policy would best cover a stay at the BA, please visit our Health Insurance section of the website.

Can my family and friends visit?

We welcome family and friends to visit. Our visiting hours are flexible and we try to meet the needs of each individual patient including a balance of activity and quiet.

Is there benevolence?

Please see our section on “Financial Assistance”. We welcome patients to fill out a financial assistance request, and we give assistance based upon each individuals need.

How do I schedule a visiting Christian Science nurse?

The Visiting Christian Science Nursing Service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To reach the visiting service dial the main number 617-734-5600.