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Audio testimonies: Providing a healing refuge

CHBA The following are testimonies of healing shared by those who have turned to Christian Science nursing services at the BA.

Hands quickly healed from severe burns


Blessings of a healing atmosphere


From healing to golf to employment



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Event: Christian Science nursing—a spiritual ministry for all time


Saturday, October 14

10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Christian Science Nursing Building

Join us and learn more about this healing ministry, its place in the mission of our Church, and its wide embrace of mankind. Also, get answers to your questions from our dedicated Christian Science nurses. You wou...


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“Your support of Christian Science nursing means a lot…”

CHBA Your gift makes it possible for Gladys Njoroge to participate in Christian Science nurses training at the BA. In an interview with the BA's Monty Haas, Gladys shares what the training means to her. Click the play button below to hear the their discussion: Below are a few excerpts from the int...


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Podcast: “…a deep appreciation of Christian Science nursing”

CHBA Alaina Carlson was led to the healing ministry of Christian Science nursing in an unexpected way.  Alaina explains to the BA's Monty Haas: "I had never planned out what I was going to do after college... So, purposefully I didn’t choose a career path, knowing that God would put something in front ...


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“…a conviction that this is the Christ Science that heals.”

CHBA That’s how Kathy Glover, Director of Christian Science Nursing, and Alison Alioto, Christian Science Nursing Administrator, describe the support provided by Christian Science nurses. Monty Haas asked Kathy and Alison to explain the Christian Science nursing services offered by the BA, and the one ...


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Staying at the BA


Did you know that Christian Scientists can reserve a room in the historic Original Building at the BA?

Rest & Study at the BA is a hidden gem for Christian Scientists visiting the Boston area. Many Christian Scientists don’t realize that you can reserve a Rest & Study room in our Original Build...


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If your community defines you, what should it be saying?

CHBA Last week we held a marketing meeting with residents from The Residences at 910 to get their feedback on our website, postcards, and other marketing materials. They had lots to tell us. They especially liked sharing their individual journeys that led them to move to The Residences, and what they tho...


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Audio healing testimony: “…I had gone seeking the Christ-healing.”

CHBA Thousands of workers, guests, patients, Christian Science nurses, volunteers, and others have been blessed by the BA’s healing mission over the years. Here we offer another powerful example of the active healing ministry of Christian Science nursing. In this healing testimony read by the BA’...


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Video: Summertime inspiration at the Benevolent Association

CHBA We love the opportunity to publish images and video clips on this website that include photography contributed by BA staff and guests. For example, one of our Christian Science nurses, Whitney Wyndham, recently shared a few of her beautiful nature photographs with us. We were so impressed and inspir...


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June 2017


The Residences at 910 - Check us out! 

Almost two years ago we began a transformation of the BA’s residential senior living with a new name and look —The Residences at 910. We realized that many Christian Scientists did not know there was residential senior living on the BA campus. And many w...


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