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Watch the Graduation Replay
Our Christian Science Nursing Arts Graduation 2022 will be held this Sunday, October 9 at 3:30pm EST. You are warmly invited to join us in-person, or you can register to watch the replay of the ceremony.

Don’t forget to leave a note of congratulations for the graduates here.

Supporting the BA — a Refuge for Healing

At the heart of all the activities of the BA is healing. Your gift to the BA supports the healing activity of Church and helps ensure the availability of Christian Science nursing for those in need of care.

  • Christian Science Nursing
    The Benevolent Association provides a refuge for healing and the tender, skilled care of Christian Science nursing for those relying on Christian Science for healing.
  • The Residences
    at 910
    The Residences at 910 provide a vibrant, spiritual atmosphere for seniors in the Christian Science community, near The Mother Church and Boston's diverse historic, cultural, and outdoor amenities.
  • Rest & Study
    Rest & Study at the Benevolent Association provides an opportunity for quietness, spiritual rest, and renewal.