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Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association, affectionately known as the BA, offers Christian Science nursing services, Christian Science Nurses Training, senior residential living, and Rest & Study for Christian Scientists.

Video: Volunteers expressing Love
  You may be surprised by how many different ways volunteers can bless patients, residents, and guests at the BA. Watch our heart-warming video.

Congratulate the graduates!
  If you are not able to attend graduation in person, you can still send congratulations…
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Thinkers and explorers
  Activities Coordinator Merrie Mizaras is amazed at the variety of activities the residents have participated in the last year or so…

A deep commitment to this healing ministry
  As we make preparations for the Christian Science Nursing Arts Graduation Ceremony on March 18, we set the stage by offering a few comments shared by Christian Science nurses who graduated recently…
“… a deep appreciation of Christian Science nursing”
  Alaina Carlson was led to the healing ministry of Christian Science nursing in an unexpected way. Alaina explains to the BA’s Monty Haas: “I had never planned out what I was going to do after college… So, purposefully I didn’t choose a career path, knowing that God would put something in front of me that was perfect for me.