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Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association, affectionately known as the BA, offers Christian Science nursing services, Christian Science Nurses Training, senior residential living, and Rest & Study for Christian Scientists

Podcast: “…a deep appreciation of Christian Science nursing”
  Alaina Carlson was led to the healing ministry of Christian Science nursing in an unexpected way. Alaina explains to the BA’s Monty Haas: “I had never planned out what I was going to do after college… So, purposefully I didn’t choose a career path, knowing that God would put something in front of me that was perfect for me.  

Activities for every taste
  Every day at The Residences offers new ways to be inspired and enriched. Our residents have a joyous expectancy of good, and can choose from a variety of activities to support their individual journey.
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Video: “Demonstrating your love for God and man…”
“Christian Science nursing provides an opportunity to demonstrate your love for God and man in a joyous, practical, and spiritually fulfilling service.” This short video takes you on a tour of the Training School— showing classes and mentored instruction in action…