1. What is the BA’s Mission?
Our mission is to provide a healing refuge and services that minister to the needs of mankind with Christian Science nursing.

2. What programs does the BA offer?
Christian Science nursing and nurses training, Residential Living, Rest & Study

3. How many people are on the staff?

4. Where is the BA located?
In Chestnut Hill, MA on 24.2 acres

5. What is the BA’s relationship to The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston, MA?
The BA operated as a department of The Mother Church until 1981 when The Christian Science Board of Directors transferred the BA to an independent trusteeship.

6. How and when was the BA founded?
In 1916, The Christian Science Board of Directors announced the founding of The Christian Science Benevolent Association stating: “It is our pleasure and privilege to announce to the field that preliminary steps have just been taken toward the formation of a new and important department of the organized work of Christian Science, to be known as The Christian Science Benevolent Association.”

Christian Science Sentinel, October 7, 1916

In 1919, the doors opened to provide this unique service in the history of mankind. In 1981, The Mother Church transferred ownership of The Christian Science Benevolent Association from an Affiliated Trusteeship of The Mother Church to autonomous control under the direction of a Board of Trustees, and renamed it Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association.

7. When was the Christian Science Nurses Training School Founded?

8. What was the BA called in the past?
When operated by the The First Church of Christ, Scientist, the BA was called the Christian Science Benevolent Association.

9. Do you provide informational workshops?
The BA offers three workshops for Christian Science branch churches, designed to provide helpful information and to answer questions. The first workshop is titled, How to Help Care for our Fellow Church Members. The second is titled, Simplifying Medicare and Health Insurance for Christian Scientists. The third is titled Discover the BA as a Resource. For information about scheduling a workshop, please call the main number 617-734-5600.

10. Do you have a sustainability policy?
Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association is committed to environmental stewardship and sustainability in conducting our business. We have taken steps to reduce waste, energy consumption and water usage and have greened our supply chain by focusing on three key areas: recycling, energy and water reduction, and use of environmentally-friendly products. Click here for more information.