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Opportunity to Support Needed Improvements and Upgrades

Your gifts to the General Fund are vital to the Benevolent Association and its healing mission within our Church. They help to ensure the availability of this Christian Science refuge and of Christian Science nursing in time of need, provide the support of Christian Science nurses training to the Field, maintain on-site housing for Christian Science nurses, and address needed repairs and improvements.

The trustees and administration of the BA are committed to maintaining the refuge of the Benevolent Association – a refuge established by The Mother Church as a result of Mary Baker Eddy’s charge to the Church. Since the BA is no longer a department of The Mother Church, to properly maintain the BA requires strong support from the Christian Science Field.

Your support makes a significant difference for the BA and the Cause of Christian Science.

Here are some of the crucial projects your gift to the General Fund will help make possible:

New state-of-the-art patient mattresses and beds. These mattresses are designed to provide greater comfort and to better meet the needs of the patient. The new beds are easier for a Christian Science nurse to work with and can be integrated with our new call system. Three are needed. Total cost $50,357

New carpeting and paint for 12 patient rooms. Our existing carpeting has served us well for over 20 years. Fresh carpeting and paint will help maintain the beauty and grace of these supportive surroundings. These rooms are offline until this work is completed. $77,268

Heating and air conditioning repairs and replacements in the Original Building. There are 20 units needed in rooms used for on-site housing for Christian Science nurses, residents, and offices. Total cost $80,000

Upcoming projects include renovations to the Original Building (some layout changes for a more efficient use of space, plumbing, electrical, and roof repairs); upgrades to elevators on our campus; upgrades to the campus fire safety system; and new energy-efficient HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) systems that better serve our campus.

Investing in our current facility

Recent real estate and engineering studies requested by our trustees analyzed three options: selling our property and rebuilding in a less expensive suburb; razing the Original Building and replacing it with new construction; or renovating the Original Building and updating the systems on our campus. The studies confirmed that the most cost-effective and environmentally sound option for supporting the healing mission of the BA is to stay in our current location and renovate and update our present facility.

“To begin rightly…”

We are grateful to understand that the Benevolent Association, as a spiritual idea, is sound and complete, cared for and governed by divine Mind. As such, it includes all it needs to fulfill its holy purpose. It is from this basis that we are being guided step by step as we move forward with these projects and other renovations needed throughout our campus.

We invite you to join us in this important work. Your gift to the General Fund will help pay for these projects and more. Your generosity will help provide this Christian Science refuge in time of need, today and for generations to come.

We are deeply grateful for your loving support!

With sincere gratitude,

Gregory A. McLane, Chair, Board of Trustees

Carol D. Worley, Chief Executive Officer

Give Today

We are deeply grateful for your loving support.


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