Christian Science Nursing

Meet our Christian Science nurses: Caitlin Sheasley

Caitlin Sheasley
Caitlin Sheasley is an instructor and mentor at the BA's Christian Science Nurses Training School.  She talks about being a “transparency for good” and the benefits of working at a Christian Science nursing facility.  


From our Christian Science Nurses Training School: An Interview with Josh Kenworthy

Meet Josh Kenworthy, a Christian Science nurse who is enrolled in the training program at Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association. To find out what this training means to him and what he loves about the ministry of Christian Science ...


Podcast: Meet our Christian Science nurses

Alaina Carlson graduated from the Christian Science Nursing Arts Training Program two years ago and has a lot to share about her ever-expanding experience in this holy ministry. Click the play button below to hear her conversation...


Inspiring opportunity for young adults to serve the Christian Science movement

Are you 18-30 and looking for work where cheerfulness, patience, faith, receptivity to Truth and Love, order, and punctuality are needed and nurtured? We encourage you to explore a new paid internship program: Christian Science Nu...


National Volunteer Month 2021

Sue Holzberlien

Sue Holzberlein talks about her 24 years of volunteering at the BA

“If people knew how wonderful volunteering is, you would have so many volunteers you wouldn’t know what to do with them.” That’s what Sue Holzberlein, who...


Webinar Replay: Serving Church through the Ministry of Christian Science Nursing

CSN Workshop

Watch this webinar presentation about Christian Science nursing, and...

  • Hear from Christian Science nurses about preparing for this ministry
  • Take a virtual tour of the BA’s Christian Science Nurses Training School
  • ...


Podcast: From graphic designer to Christian Science nurse

Danis Collett spoke with Steve Carlson recently about her journey from graphic artist to Christian Science nurse. Danis explains how an experience early in her career has continued to guide her. “I was reaching out to God, an


Serving Church through the Ministry of Christian Science Nursing

CSN Workshop

Join us for this free webinar




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  Tuesday, March 16, 7:00 – 7:30pm EDT
Come join us for a 30-minute webinar presentation about this treasured avenue of serving Church
  • Hear from Chr...


Podcast: Is Christian Science nursing right for you? Part 2

Robyn Liebenrood talks about a "calling to this ministry…” of Christian Science nursing. Is it your calling? In this portion of Robyn Liebenrood's 2013 interview, she helps clarify the different roles of a Christian Scie...


Virtual info session about Christian Science nursing

CSN Virtual Meeting

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 18th  2021 at 7:30 p.m. CST | 8:30 p.m. EST

  Attend this 30 minute info session presented by the BA's Christian Science Nurses Training School to find out more about the healing ministry of Christian S...