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National Volunteer Month 2021

Sue Holzberlien

Sue Holzberlein talks about her 24 years of volunteering at the BA

“If people knew how wonderful volunteering is, you would have so many volunteers you wouldn’t know what to do with them.” That’s what Sue Holzberlein, who...


May you have a peaceful and blessed Thanksgiving


Join our healing mission today!

Traveling Nurse taking a call
  Serve the Cause of Christian Science in the Boston area! Join our energetic and dynamic team of dedicated Christian Scientists at the BA. Click the links below to learn more.  Immediate Openings for… Executive Assista...


The Big Chiller Project

New Chiller
When the air conditioning system in the Christian Science Nursing Building failed during the hottest days of last summer, we were confident that divine Love would lead the way to a resolution. All the way from installing temporary...


“A symbol of shelter, protection, and refuge…”

Hisorical Drawing of BA OB
“Imagine yourself traveling on a ship across the ocean 400 years ago. The voyage has been long and treacherous, the waves have endlessly tossed you about, and the storm is daunting. And then you see it – a single tree on a hil...


2018: A year to remember

Summer worker Group Shot

What a year it was!  All the way from the Christian Science Nursing Arts Graduation last winter to volunteers last summer to inspiring activities for The Residences at 910 this fall. Watch our 2-minute BA Yearbook Video for 2018. ...


A message of peace and joy from the Benevolent Association

BA OB rear entrance in evening in the snow


Watch our inspirational holiday video, with words from Mary Baker Eddy’s beloved poem, "Mother's Evening Prayer."


The Christmas Story In Song & Verse

Painting of Jesus in the manger with wise men
On Thursday, December 6th at 7:30 PM, The BA Players — a talented group of residents and staff — will be presenting a one-of-a-kind performance of inspirational readings and music. All are invited to this free special event fo...


ORH – Helping Christian Scientists find homes

In September I attended the yearly conference of the ORH (Organization of Residential Homes), which was held in San Francisco at Arden Wood. If you are not familiar with this organization, ORH has been helping Christian Sci...


Video: “Bird voices mingle” and trees delight in this peaceful refuge for healing

Exterior door ajar
For nearly 100 years the BA has consistently fulfilled its healing mission to provide a refuge and services that minister to the needs of mankind with Christian Science nursing. As a symbol of our gratitude for God's loving care, ...