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Meet our Christian Science nurses: Karen Nakahara

Tell us a little bit about your background, how did you get started in Christian Science nursing?

I was born and raised in Japan, and I came to this country to study. I got married and ended up staying here. I also became a citizen and learned about Christian Science. A friend of mine from the branch church in Los Angeles was a Christian Science nurse and we talked about it a little bit. She told me about an open house [at Broadview] and that’s where I learned more about Christian Science nursing. At that time I was praying to God asking what is my purpose, how can I be closer to Him, what can I do for the movement? Then one morning I was sitting at a table in my apartment and there was a clear loud voice that said, “Christian Science nursing”. I started my work and training in Los Angeles at Broadview and I was there for four years then later on I finished my training at the BA and graduated from the BA.

Can you describe your role at the BA?

I am a Journal-listed Christian Science nurse and the Manager of the Visiting Christian Science Nursing Service at the BA. We visit individuals in their home when there is a request for Christian Science nursing. And we are able to visit those individuals for one to two hours a day. So it’s not the same as a private duty Christian Science nurse who is able to say there for a longer period of time in the home. Visiting Christian Science nurses usually stay for a shorter period of time which would mean that the individual’s need for Christian Science nursing can be met in that period of time, at home.

What areas does the Visiting Christian Science Nursing Service at the BA cover?

We cover six and a half states across New England, including upper New York state. (Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and half of New York state). In areas of this region where there is already a visiting Christian Science nursing service, the BA supports as a backup.

You must spend a fair amount of time in the car. How do you make the most of that time?

Spending time in the car is a special time for me, it’s a preparation as I go to a specific case. I pray and think about what the need is and how I can go forward. I often listen to the <em>Science and Health</em> or Bible Lessons, and also hymns during the drive, as I prepare myself metaphysically.

What do you find is the greatest joy in this healing work?

My greatest joy for this type of work is connecting with individuals. It’s a joy to help them in their home. It’s a privilege to get to know their spiritual identity. It’s a sense of love and joy that I feel when I’m helping them. And I also feel my own spiritual growth that comes with it – because of the healings, and witnessing healings through Christian Science. It is wonderful to witness.


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    Karen Bartley  replied


    21.03.2023 00:00

    Dear Karen, Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful journey into Christian Science nursing with us.

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    Mercy  replied


    26.03.2023 00:00

    Wow i love this. I have a calling to Christian Science nursing and i feel encouraged reading Karen’s story. Am prayerfully waiting for God to open that door for me too.

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