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Pets love the Residences at 910

Merlin, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, arrived with his human companions, Craig and Dianne Barrows, at the Residences at 910 six weeks ago from Bend, Oregon and has taken quite a liking to living on the BA campus. He’s an avid walker, enjoying the paths on campus and off-campus nature trails. Due to his dense undercoat, Merlin is not terribly fond of the hottest weather in Boston, but he doesn’t mind the rain and is looking forward to rolling around in the snow when winter arrives.

Corgi means ‘dwarf dog’ in Welsh, and Welsh Corgis are known as herding dogs used to protect cattle in the fields. For this job their short stature is a benefit because it allows them to stay out of the way of the cows’ hoofs when they kick.

Merlin is often confused with Queen Elizabeth’s famous dogs, but he is quick to point out that his royal cousins are Pembroke Welsh Corgis while he is a Cardigan breed.

In personality, Merlin is very much like a Border Collie—very alert, attentive, and always watching to make sure everyone in the neighborhood is safe. He has befriended several residents and staff members.

If you see Merlin around campus, he’d love to meet you! Just make sure to get down to his level and let him approach you on his own terms. Once he knows you he’ll be a faithful guardian.


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