Course Costs

Please note that all charges are subject to change at any time.

CSNA meal prep training classCourse Tuition
Tuition for Christian Science Nursing Arts I, II, III, and IV is based on the individual course. Course Schedule-Class Dates

For individuals who come to the BA to take a CSNA classroom portion only: the cost of the classroom portion is listed on the course schedule; this cost remains the same whether or not the mentored instruction portion is completed at the BA or at another Christian Science nursing facility.

For individuals who are employed in the work of Christian Science nursing at the BA: the BA offers an employee benefit of mentored instruction in the Christian Science Nursing Arts and employee benefits regarding support for the classroom training. As Christian Science nurses continue with their employment at the BA, further resources for financial assistance may be available.

Cost of mentored instruction
The length of the mentored instruction period may vary according to the needs of the individual and is based on the his or her demonstrated practice in the art of Christian Science nursing and readiness for the next level of classroom training.

The cost of instruction given during the mentored portion of the course is determined by each individual training site.

To take part in the mentored portion of the CSNA courses at the BA, individuals must be accepted as BA employees. At the BA, instruction given during the mentored portion of the course is given as an employee benefit.

Room & Board charges
For individuals who come to the BA to take only the CSNA classroom portion of the course: the current cost of Room and Board during the classroom session is $40 per night.

For those who are employed at the BA: the current charges for renting in staff housing vary depending on the size of the room.

Meal costs during class sessions for BA employees depend on whether individuals have paid for a meal plan, prepare their own meals, or take meals in a BA dining room.

Other costs
Class participants are responsible for bringing their own Christian Science reference books, and for providing their own clothing for working on the Christian Science nursing floor, appropriate to the BA’s dress standards.

For further information, please contact:
Carol D. Worley
Director of Christian Science Nurses Training
Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association
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Chestnut Hill, MA 02467-2400
Phone: 617-734-5600 or 800-662-9937
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