Monthly Giving

Why give monthly?

  • Contributing monthly provides the BA with a steady, reliable income that allows for more effective planning and makes the most of your gift.
  • Setting up your monthly gift online also saves you postage and time. 
  • You can make changes or cancel your monthly gift at any time.



“I’m glad to give monthly, because I know it’s helpful on your end for financial planning, but I also see it coming out of my account every month as a reminder to prayerfully embrace Christian Science nursing. And it’s a happy reminder that I’m supporting that activity!”

— Sustaining Circle member


“I don’t have to remember that it’s time to send a donation to the BA, it’s just built-in. It’s there every month. …It gives the foundation of support that the BA can plan on, and know that it’s coming.”

— Monthly donor


Give Now

  For more information,

Please contact Jennie Christensen,
Director of Development, at 1-800-662-9937 ext. 2116 or