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A walk in the park

Just an 8-minute drive from the BA sits Larz Anderson park. This 64-acre park is the largest in Brookline and has become the site of a weekly outing for residents. Each Tuesday in August, residents are enjoying morning walks in the park.  

“Some people sit on the benches and enjoy the park,” says Kay Colvin, who lives at The Residences at 910. “And some people like me, walk through the park and spend the time enjoying it that way. I love being out and walking.” 

Formerly a family estate, this wooded, landscaped and waterscaped parkland is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It features miles of paths, playing fields, gardens, rolling hills and even boasts one of the best kite-flying spots in the area. 

“When I’m out [at the park], I’m feeling the breeze, and admiring the green grass, and the trees, and the flowers,” says Kay. “And the birdsongs! There’s a lot of listening to birdsongs, and I really like that.”  

Enjoy checking out Larz Anderson park on your next visit to the BA!


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    Barbara Fay  replied


    14.09.2023 00:00

    I’m another R910 resident who looks forward to Larz Anderson Park walks. As Kay mentioned, there are many ways to explore the beauty of our near-neighborhood.
    I enjoy checking out the Community Gardens that are part of the park. There are more than 100 15X15-foot plots, plus a grassy area with a picnic table. It’s fun to engage with the gardeners about their methods, results, and favorite plants, and to encourage them in their endeavors! I’ve spoken to folks who have rented plots there for 5 years, 20+ years, and even 34 years. It’s an especially well loved section of Lars Anderson Park — just as our lovely garden areas at the BA are. We have much to be grateful for.

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