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Building Community One Piece at a Time

Puzzles-in-progress are a common sight at the BA. In multiple community rooms throughout the building you’re likely to see a beautiful scene coming together piece by piece. Resident and puzzle enthusiast Barbara Fay Wiese sees puzzles as a fitting analogy for spiritual growth.

“In a jigsaw puzzle, each piece is unique and has a specific place,” says Barbara Fay. “When each one is fitted in with all its neighbors, the whole is beautiful and harmonious. God’s children, like puzzle pieces, are each unique. When we see our God-given path and place, we work collaboratively and joyfully with others to create a harmonious whole—and all are needed, God’s plan has no missing pieces.”

Residents, staff and guests enjoy contributing to the ongoing puzzle-building—it’s really a community sport. Often when residents come to check their mail, they’ll stop for a few minutes and work on the puzzle in the mail room. Another favorite puzzle location is in the Reception area where guests might enjoy fitting a few pieces by the fire. Barbara Fay notes that people have all different ways of working on puzzles, but it all blends together into a collaborative and caring experience.

“We’re working for harmonious order in puzzle-making,” comments Barbara Fay. “Come by anytime, they’re for everybody!”


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