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Christian Science Nurses Training: a year in review

How grateful we are for a very full year of teaching and mentoring in the Christian Science Nurses Training department at the BA! By the end of 2023, we will have taught 28 of the 52 weeks of the year. And that doesn’t include continuous side-by-side mentoring that accompanies the practice portion of each course, as well as in-service training, workshops, and the many meetings and conversations that take place in support of the organizations that have adopted the Christian Science Nursing Arts curriculum. We welcomed participants from ten different countries: Burundi, Canada, Ghana, Guatemala, Kenya, Nigeria, The Philippines, Tanzania, the United States, and Zimbabwe.

January: CSNA I

In January we taught the first of two Introductory Christian Science Nursing Arts classes. It’s always special to welcome those who have answered this call to represent themselves as Christian Science nurses.

March: CSNA VI

Every year, we teach a Focus Course, designed for Christian Science nurses listed in The Christian Science Journal. This one-week course followed an online class we taught in 2022 about mentoring. The participants work in several Christian Science nursing facilities, in visiting Christian Science nursing services, in school and camp settings, and are taking private cases. These focus courses often have a homecoming feel to them, as many individuals have done some or all of their core training with the Christian Science Nursing Arts program.

The instruction, demonstration, and ethics taught in the class was deeply inspiring, as always. A true demonstration of fulfilling the By-law ‘Christian Science Nurse’. I learned and gained so much in continuing my journey in meeting our Leader’s expectations of what a Christian Science nurse should be.
CSNA VI participant

March/April: CSNA II

Shortly after completing the six weeks of mentoring, it was time to have many of the CSNA I participants back in the classroom!

April/May: CSNA III

This was the first of two CSNA III classes this year. We decided to hold this additional class in response to the need to support several Christian Science nurses who were ready to move forward with their training. It was a lively class with a lovely blend of sincerity, humor, and devotion.

This class was packed with new information, ideas and skills that required the five weeks to accomplish. The wisdom based on experience offered in this class was exceptional and precious.
CSNA III participant

June: CSNA I

In June we taught our second CSNA I class.

This was an exceptionally wonderful experience for which I’ll forever be grateful. The instructors were all in! Gentle, articulate, loving, patient, encouraging, great sense of humor. It was way beyond what I expected to gain. Thank you!
CSNA I participant

August/September: CSNA IV

The BA serves as the Center for the Christian Science Nursing Arts curriculum. The BA offers all four courses of the Christian Science Nursing Arts training. As happened with this class, we sometimes teach a class that consists of individuals all from other facilities. We’re so grateful to be supporting the Field as each facility, including the BA, supports its community in being ready to respond with a sound representation of the Church Manual By-law to those who request Christian Science nursing services as they rely fully on Christian Science for healing.

This class has been the most delightful of all the sessions I have had here. We had such a wonderful balance of both childlike cheerfulness as well as profound inquisitiveness which our instructors lovingly embraced.
CSNA IV participant

October/November: CSNA III

This class has just concluded and is our last class of the calendar year. This is our second time teaching the CSNA III level this year. Participants represented the By-law with excellence as they embraced the new concepts in this class.


When the Christian Science nurses are not in class, they continue to be mentored in bringing out the art of Christian Science nursing in their work as they actively represent the Manual By-law in caring for patients.

And not too long from now we will get ready for another CSNA II class which begins in January of the new year.

Thank you for all the support in the Field of the CSNA Training Program and the holy work of Christian Science nursing. We are so grateful!


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    CQ  replied


    26.11.2023 00:00

    The word “consecrated” came to me as I read this review of CSNA courses.

    The first use of “consecrated” that comes to mind is in a poem all CSNs probably memorize and certainly practice daily:

    Ask God to give thee skill
    In comfort’s art:
    That thou may’st consecrated be
    And set apart
    Unto a life of sympathy.
    For heavy is the weight of ill
    In every heart;
    And comforters are needed much
    Of Christlike touch.
    — A. E. Hamilton
    (Ret 95:4)

    But there are other lovely uses of “consecrated” throughout Mrs. Eddy’s writings, including:

    ” … the spiritual glow and grandeur of a consecrated life wherein dwelleth peace, sacred and sincere in trial or in triumph” (Mis ix:21).


    Will you doff your lavender-kid zeal, and become real and consecrated warriors?
    (Mis 177:14–15)


    A little more grace, a motive made pure, a few truths tenderly told, a heart softened, a character subdued, a life consecrated, would restore the right action of the mental mechanism, and make manifest the movement of body and soul in accord with God
    (Mis 354:15).

    All of these passages are favorites of CSNs everywhere, I’m sure.

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