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Meet BA Intern Owen Sipe

Tell us about your journey to the BA? 

I have previously worked in outdoor education at the Adventure Unlimited Ranches in Colorado. I was really listening to the direction I needed to go. I was talking with my Sunday School teacher about the next steps, and God was telling me that there’s something new in store for me.  A couple of years ago I was a counselor at summer camp with another member of the Christian Science Nursing Youth Service Corps who had worked at the BA.  Going into this summer, through a lot of prayer, I thought it would be the right time for me to apply. After my first interview with the BA I knew it was a right idea for me to come out to Boston.

Where did you attend high school? 

I went to The Link School which is an outdoor school in Colorado for Christian Scientists that focuses on collective spiritual growth in the wilderness. So one week out of every month students go on a trip (white water rafting, mountaineering, etc.) and there’s really a focus on spiritual growth and pushing your boundaries. 

The BA and the Link School are pretty different experiences! Do you see any connection between the two? 

Actually, yes! The parallel I’ve experienced is living Christian Science–truly investing it into your day-to-day life, your personal study, your work, the friends you meet–I’d say they are very similar in that respect.  

You’ve been at the BA for a few weeks now, what have you been up to?

At the BA I’ve been involved with a bunch of activities with the Residences at 910. When the residents go on walks, visit different museums, attend Christian Science lectures, I’ve been there supporting and guiding. But I’m also working as a Floor Assistant on the Christian Science nursing floor. It’s a very humble job–helping to prepare food, making beds, wheeling wheelchairs, participating in the reading of the Christian Science Bible Lesson and hymn sings, and just helping wherever I can. 

What have you been learning by being on the Christian Science nursing floor?

As I mentioned I came from an outdoor education background and that’s a very high-paced, outdoor intensive environment. And the switch to a calm, peaceful environment that is not rushed, and is just at the pace it needs to be is a welcome change. 

I’m being mentored by Mark Palkoner, he’s a great guy! He’s taught me so much. He’s a mentor for the Christian Science nursing department. He’s taught me about the Christian Science Nurses Training School, and about the By-law, ‘Christian Science Nurse’ from our Church Manual–how important it is, and what it really means.

Have you been to Boston before? 

I have visited Boston a couple of times, but I had never spent a significant amount of time here. 

Are you able to explore Boston in your free time? 

Definitely! I brought my car out here, but I’ve also been taking advantage of being in the city and taking public transportation. I’ve been exploring the Back Bay area and getting out as much as I can. I’ve also loved getting to attend The Mother Church regularly. It’s just so gorgeous. I remember visiting The Mother Church about 10 years ago, and I was in the Sunday School and I didn’t think much of it. But now as I’m walking on the Christian Science Plaza, I’m like this is a massive, beautiful building! Being in the heart of the Christian Science movement is a different perspective than I’ve ever had before and it’s very special. 

I’m staying on the 4th floor in the Original Building here at the BA. They just remodeled the kitchen up there and it is super awesome! I really appreciate a nice kitchen and this one is really beautiful and it’s a great place for us to gather and hangout. 

How long will you be at the BA? 

The CSNYSC program goes until the end of June. I’m really looking forward to the next few months! 

Owen is working as an Intern at the BA supported in part by the Christian Science Nursing Youth Service Corps through the Principle Foundation Extended Services.


  • 💬
    Lynn W Smith  replied


    22.11.2023 00:00

    Great article, Owen. Loved having you in Vacation Bible School! 😁

    Love always
    Lynn Smith 🦃

  • 💬
    Sandra Lamperts  replied


    23.11.2023 00:00

    Hi Owen, how wonderful that you have found your “calling” in the CSNYSC program. From our perspective (watching you with your Hee Hee (our precious Cathy) you clearly know how to live and express Love! We loved seeing your little interview here. Congratulations and well done!

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