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Hand quickly healed from severe burns

About twelve years ago an experience caused me to make my first visit to the BA. My husband and I were sitting in front of a wood stove watching television. When I stood up to close down the fire, I fell forward and put my hands out to catch my fall, and I put both hands on the wood stove.

Now the minute my hands touched that hot thing, I declared to myself that this isn’t true. ‘No!’ I just kept saying over and over to myself, ‘No, No!’ This cannot happen. God is Spirit and He made a spiritual universe, He made a spiritual universe, and that’s the universe we live in. When my husband got me away from the stove I was in an awful lot of pain, and he said, “I’ll call a Christian Science practitioner and I’ll call a Christian Science nurse.”

The practitioner immediately started praying and kept telling me that God was right there and all the help I needed was ready for me.

I remember we got to the BA, two Christian Science nurses met us at the door and immediately took me in. I started knowing that I needed to stay within the spiritual fact that God had made me perfect in His image and likeness and nothing could interfere with that. As I kept my thought on God, the pain instantly stopped. The [Christian Science] nurses showed my husband how to take care of the physical need of wrapping my hands.

The healing was very quick. You cannot tell that there was anything that ever happened to my hands. I would like to express my gratitude to the BA for the inspiration that I received when I came, for the gentle, loving kindness that was expressed to me in the tender care of the Christian Science nurses. This healing brought me closer to an understanding of what Mrs. Eddy teaches of the unreality of matter and the reality of Spirit.

— M.A.M.

Originally appeared online in 2014 at chbenevolent.org

© 2014 Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association

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