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Injuries healed quickly

I’ve been a Journal-listed, Journal-advertising practitioner for 30 years, so I love Christian Science nurses, and I love the Christian Science nursing care facilities.

A number of years ago my husband and I were guests at the BA when I addressed an association there, and the atmosphere was such a healing atmosphere. It was loving, comforting, happy, joyous, bright, just delightful.

More recently I was once again a guest, but this time it was as a patient after a very serious bicycling accident. And I was there for four days and the care was hourly. Those Christian Science nurses, they loved me, they supported me, they gave me spiritual sustenance. That first night my Christian Science nurse came in every hour, and he would share with me healing ideas about the Christ, and I just loved it. He was so caring and so gentle, but I felt like he was also just that strength that was not only supporting me but defending me against any aggressive mental suggestion that would try to take hold of my thought—it just wasn’t going to happen.

The healing was so rapid that even though I was confined to a wheelchair, I was able to go back to our house in Boston, and a visiting Christian Science nurse came daily to care for me. And then it became every other day that the visiting Christian Science nurse came to the house. After three weeks I could go into Chestnut Hill and have the outpatient care, and after five weeks from when that bike accident happened, we were able to go home to Colorado.

And you know, I could once again bicycle. I could dance. I could hike. That healing was just so supported by the BA, by the Christian Science nurses there, it was phenomenal! The love and the care and the comfort that was expressed by all the Christian Science nurses, I will never forget it, and I’m just grateful there is a Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association, that it’s available for us, for those Christian Scientists who are relying exclusively on God through Christian Science treatment. I am so grateful.

— P. G. R.

Originally appeared online in 2013 at chbenevolent.org

© 2013 Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association

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