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Supporting giving at the BA

Caroline Savoye Hufstader is a Senior Development Officer at the BA. She shares her approach to fundraising during this season of giving and what she cherishes about working at the BA.

How long have you worked at the BA? 

I lived in Boston and worked at the BA as a Development Officer from 2013 to 2016. After some time away I came back in 2022! I now live with my family in St. Louis and work remotely - traveling to the BA and to meet with donors as needed.

Why have you chosen to support the BA in this role…what calls to your heart?

The BA is an organization that’s close to my heart and I’ve witnessed firsthand how vital Christian Science nursing is within our movement. I love coming to work knowing that I get to support an organization called for by Mary Baker Eddy and whose purpose is to support healing. Fundraising is essential for the day-to-day operations of the BA and it’s an honor to help facilitate the contributions that our Field makes to sustain the BA. I love knowing that my work directly supports the BA’s mission and our movement as a whole.

Why is giving to the BA so important?

Your gift, no matter the size, makes a difference. The BA can’t operate without your support. In the case of the BA specifically, your gift supports healing! Is there anything better?

What’s your approach to fundraising? Is there a spiritual aspect you can share? 

The natural reaction to learning about the good happening at the BA is often to want to support it! My approach to fundraising is to keep the BA’s mission front and center when interacting with donors. There is so much good happening at the BA and my job is to help share the wonderful news about our programs with Christian Scientists around the world. When I think about my work for the BA I always go back to the concept that the BA is a spiritual idea and that supply is infinite. I also love thinking about the healings going on each and every day at the BA.


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