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Reception Host—A chance to practice the Golden Rule

The BA is actively looking to hire additional Reception Hosts! We sat down with one of our dedicated workers to learn more about the role.

Jesika Davis has been warmly greeting guests, as well as managing a host of other responsibilities as one of our Reception Hosts for the past six years. With a background in customer service, Jesika brings a wealth of experience to this position, which is integral to the harmonious functioning of the BA.

“I really like interacting with everyone. It keeps it interesting because you’re always talking with people like Residents or Rest & Study guests who are checking in. We deal with a lot of people throughout the day, and it’s never boring!

What most people don’t realize is that there is a lot of detail in everything we do. This is not just a regular receptionist position. It’s kind of like being an on-the-spot problem solver. A lot of visitors will come in and we have to know where to direct people. We try to help people feel the loving atmosphere of the BA with every interaction.

Because there’s just one number to call to reach any department at the BA, when you dial that number you’re going to reach us at Reception. We’re the first point of contact for anyone who calls or comes to the BA. We also interact with all the other departments, which keeps the job interesting as well. We’re like the communications hub for the organization.

It’s a unique position where you can have both a day shift and an evening shift [3-8pm] in the same week, which I really like.  It allows me the flexibility to be home with my kids for part of the day. And we even have some people who only work only a couple of shifts a week, so it can be a part-time job as well.

It’s a fun and active job and I think this is a great job for someone who likes being around people…particularly like-minded Christian Scientists!

Interested in learning more? Check out the full job description here.


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