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Two years ago I was suddenly stricken

Two years ago I was suddenly stricken with severe physical disorders. The illness was never medically diagnosed. I telephoned a Christian Science practitioner at once for treatment. My breathing was labored, I had great difficulty talking, eating, and sleeping, and had a persistent cough. I remained in bed and needed nursing assistance.

One day I felt especially uneasy and troubled and asked my mother to stay close by me. In the afternoon I urgently asked her to get the practitioner on the phone. As she reached him, I felt that I was passing on. I had great difficulty hearing him or my mother speak, and I asked him to talk louder. I did hear him say, “Sometimes it takes an effort.” I gave the phone to my mother and made a strong effort to hold to my understanding of God, Truth.

Shortly after this my mother and I flew to Boston, Massachusetts, to the Christian Science Benevolent Association, Chestnut Hill, where I was tenderly cared for by the nurses and workers there. My appearance had changed so much that old friends and relatives either did not recognize me, or were alarmed by the change. However, with the expert care at the Benevolent Association and the daily prayers of the practitioner, my progress toward complete healing continued. Many beautiful healings took place during this time, and although I was not entirely free, I was able to fly home alone.

The complete healing took about eight months and included release from extreme nervousness, tension, swollen feet, the eradication of coughing, the resumption of normal eating, a new head of thick hair, curlier than it was before, and strength in walking and lifting objects. Of course, the most important aspect of the healing was the restoration of right thinking — seeing myself as a perfect and cherished idea of God.

— J. W. G.

Excerpt from the June 1975 issue of The Christian Science Journal

© 1975 The Christian Science Publishing Society.


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