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5 Things to Know About the BA in November

1. It’s been a wonderful Indian summer this October and November at the BA. We’re so grateful that the unseasonably warm weather has allowed us to finish some outdoor projects before the colder weather sets in.

2. We welcomed 21 new staff members at our All-Staff Meeting last week. Many of the new staff are employed by NexDine (our dining and housekeeping departments) and the BA’s other new staff are in the Christian Science Nurses Training, Christian Science Nursing Department, Business Department, Marketing, and Reception/Night Security. We’re so grateful for all these new faces.

3. With restrictions lifted in our Original Building we are thankful to be celebrating our Thanksgiving Dinner together with residents, friends, family, and staff at the BA!

4. In November we continued to welcome new faces for complimentary visits to The Residences at 910 as well as a new resident.

5. It’s wonderful to have available the rich resources of the Boston area, including New England Conservatory (NEC), which gives presentations at the BA during the year. Their performance is available below.


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