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Grateful for a new addition to the BA fleet

With heartfelt gratitude to a generous donor, the BA brought home a brand new 2023 Chrysler Pacifica this month. A trip to the Newton Free Library, just four miles away, was the maiden voyage for the new minivan.

“We used to have a red Dodge Caravan that was held together with love and duct tape,” said Logan Hardage, who selected the vehicle after extensive research. “This is such a wonderful upgrade for our residents and associates.”

The white Pacifica has a number of features that made it a top-pick for the BA. The most important of which is all-wheel-drive, due to the myriad of driving conditions experienced throughout the Boston area. The Stow N’ Go seating is another key feature. With the touch of a button, the passenger seats fold down making room for bulky items like boxes or furniture.

Residents appreciate the spacious seating and the entrance doors on either side that make the van easily accessible.

“Last year we started looking for a hybrid vehicle for the BA,” said Logan. “But the waitlist was 13 months long with no guarantee. So we were led to the Pacifica which meets the needs of the BA perfectly today, and we are so grateful.”

With room for six and just over a hundred miles on the odometer, this vehicle is set for many happy rides ahead.


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