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Order up! New technology in the Dining Room

One small change in the Dining Room is having a big impact on the overall guest experience. With the BA’s foodservice kitchen downstairs, the previous ordering process involved a Server writing down your order in the Dining Room, then making a phone call to place your order with the kitchen. Now there’s a better way.

Servers are using Samsung tablets to take orders and meet each person’s exact order specifications—which in turn, expediates communicating orders with the kitchen. This streamlined paperless system is improving speed and accuracy.

With this restaurant-style system, Servers have the menu loaded into the tablet so they know what’s available for that day.

“If we have multiple entrees in a day, this new paperless system will showcase likes and dislikes and help us improve the menu,” said Dianna Cook, Vice President of Nexdine Hospitality. “It’s wonderful to be able to track things electronically.”

Nexdine is the BA’s hospitality partner in providing an elevated foodservice experience throughout the campus. Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference! 


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